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Pax Christi International, PAX and OIDHACO to hold a panel discussion in Brussels on the current context in Colombia on 20 November

Pax Christi International member organisation DHUMA receives international human rights award

Pax Christi International congratulates Denis Mukwege and Nadia Nurad on 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

Pax Christi International honours No Boundaries Coalition of USA as 2018 Peace Award Laureates

Pax Christi International joins actions around the world to push BNP Paribas to stop investing in nuclear weapons

Empowering new generations on active nonviolence, entrepreneurship in Burundi, Rwanda, & Democratic Republic of Congo

"Choosing Peace", a new book by Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis examines the Catholic Church's return to gospel nonviolence

In the DR Congo, "This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like!" #ThisIsNonviolence


Democratic Republic of Congo: Advocacy action organised in Goma as part of the project on active nonviolence

As part of the project on active nonviolence, the organisation Africa Reconciled in partnership with Pax Christi International, held, at the beginning of November, an advocacy action with the commander of the city of Goma, Colonel Alisa Job Amisi...

USA: Pax Christi USA has copies of Advent 2018 booklet available in print, for download

We need room for the new 2019 Lent booklet (sales for Lent starting Monday, November 19) so this is the last chance to purchase print reflections for Advent...

UK: Peace groups gather to say 'No more war: let's make peace happen'

 by Pat Gaffney, Pax Christi UK16/11/18 - Several hundred people gathered in London on 11 November, members and supporters of the First World War Peace Forum, to reflect on the impact of war on the world and re-commit to building peace in the years ahead.

EU: Pax Christi International signs onto joint statement regarding the risks of the new EU defence fund

Forty-two organisations have signed onto a joint statement entitled, "The risks of the new EU Defence Fund". Pax Christi International is a signatory...

Scotland: Pax Christi Scotland to launch this month

Pax Christi Scotland will officially launch later this month (23-25 November) with its inaugural conference at the Conforti Centre in Coatbridge, hosted and funded by the Xaverian Missionaries...

Pax Christi International, PAX and OIDHACO to hold a panel discussion in Brussels on the current context in Colombia on 20 November

On 20 November, Pax Christi International with co-organisers PAX from the Netherlands and the International Office on Human Rights – Action Colombia (OIDHACO), will present a panel discussion entitled, “The Colombian Peace Process and Extractives Situation Under a New Government: Which EU Responses Are Needed?”...