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Pax Christi International holds side-event at UN discussing the latest draft of the nuclear weapons ban treaty

In 2017, help us raise awareness around nonviolence as a force that is changing our world #ThisIsNonviolence

Enough! Time to end the 50 year Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories

Urgent call for action in the Philippines

Pax Christi International delegation meets EU High Representative's office to raise the voice of Palestinians

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United Nations: Two-thirds of the world’s governments ban nuclear weapons after years of work and decades of hope

122 governments have now adopted a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The 7 July 2017 decision by two-thirds of the United Nations’ membership caps six years of growing momentum to take collective action where the nuclear powers have long failed to act...

Cross or Sword?, film depicting overcoming violence, available for use by Pax Christi International members

Blagovest Media, in collaboration with Jo Hanssens on behalf of Pax Christi International, has produced a docu-drama on the Christian way to avoid war and to overcome violence. The title of the film is "Cross or Sword?"...

Pax Christi International holds side-event at UN discussing the latest draft of the nuclear weapons ban treaty

In today’s UN panel discussion on the nuclear weapons ban treaty text, ‘Is the Draft up to the Task? Ethical, Humanitarian and Faith-based Assessments’, we discussed the human-centredness of the provisions of the draft text from 23 June...

Germany: Pax Christi delivers petition to German bishops' conference

The Pax Christi Germany President, Wiltrud Rösch-Metzler, presented the signatures with Pax Christi President Bishop Algermissen and Pax Christi general secretary Christine Hoffmann at the meeting place of the bishops in Berlin...

Palestine: Christian organisations in Palestine release open letter; AEI's Rania Murra quoted

At an International Peace Consultation on 20 June, the National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine issued on open letter to the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the ecumenical movement, stating, “There is still no justice in our land.”...

Vatican: Our former secretary general Etienne De Jonghe explains Ostpolitik of the Vatican

Etienne De Jonghe was almost thirty years secretary general of the international peace movement Pax Christi International. Therefore he was a privileged witness of the Cold War and he had several touchpoints with the Ostpolitik of the Vatican...