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Pax Christi International calls upon UN Security Council members to strongly oppose the US government's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

2017 End-of-the-Year Appeal: Please support Pax Christi International's work for peace

Pax Christi International joins member organisations for Asia-Pacific regional consultation, 27 November to 1 December

Highlights from the Pax Christi International delegation to the Vatican conference on nuclear disarmament

Summary and conclusions from the 31 October panel discussion on "Extractives in Latin America"

Pax Christi International congratulates ICAN on 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

Pax Christi International honours ZODEVITE with 2017 Pax Christi International Peace Award

Pax Christi International statement on North Korea-USA crisis

In 2017, help us raise awareness around nonviolence as a force that is changing our world #ThisIsNonviolence

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Germany: Pax Christi Germany decides on action priorities

Priorities include: Reinstatement of privileged family reunification for refugees, prohibition of glyphosate, reversal of arms export policy, new policy of détente, Germany's accession to the nuclear weapons ban treaty and financial transaction tax...

Pax Christi International to be represented at IPB's 4 Days 4 Peace in Barcelona

Etienne De Jonghe, former Secretary General of Pax Christi International, will be representing Pax Christi International at the International Peace Bureau's 4 Days 4 Peace: 4 Days of Peace Construction taking place in Barcelona...

Colombia: Jesuit de Roux to head committee to promote reconciliation after years of civil war

The 74-year-old Jesuit Francisco de Roux Rengifo was elected chairman of the National Truth Commission in Colombia...

Yemen: Pax Christi France addresses the serious humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Pax Christi France has issued a statement on the serious humanitarian crisis taking place in Yemen. The statement reads, in part...

Germany: Norbert Richter re-elected as Federal Chairman of Pax Christi Germany

"Nonviolence is the core of the Pax Christi movement," states Norbert Richter, recently re-elected as Federal Chairman of Pax Christi Germany...

Towards a Sustainable Peace through Active Nonviolence in Asia and the Pacific, a Pax Christi International regional consultation, 27 Nov-1 Dec 2017

Pax Christi International will join our member organisations in the Asia-Pacific region for a regional consultation from 27 November to 1 December in the Philippines. The consultation will take place in Manila, hosted by Pax Christi Pilipinas...