Italy: Renato Sacco, National Coordinator Pax Christi Italy, reminds of the Massacre of Srebrenica, July 11, 1995


Renato Sacco, National Coordinator Pax Christi Italy, published this thoughts about "SREBRENICA, yesterday and today".

July 11, 1995. Massacre of Srebrenica. More than 8,000 people were killed and buried in common pits. It is necessary to remember and not forget. Especially do not forget the victims. I have been meeting some family members of Srebrenica victims in recent years. As Pope Francis said on September 13, 2001, in Redipuglia: "There are so many victims here and in the other cemetery. Today we remember them. There is the weeping, the mourning, the pain. And here we remember the victims of all the wars. "

Remember, however, that such tragedies do not happen by chance. 

There are responsibilities, and now after 22 years, they want, they know.

Remember and look at the wars of today, starting with the victims.

Because if the wars do the others, it is easier to condemn them. If we are involved in some way, it is more difficult for us to have news and it is more difficult to condemn them: Afghanistan, Iraq ... Yemen. Yes, just the Yemen this unknown ... Thousands of civilian casualties over the past two years. Bombings by Saudi Arabia also with bombs made in Italy.

We have been denouncing it for so long: Domusnovas RWM bombs in Sardinia continue to go to Riyadh.

Many today will remember the Srebrenica massacre and have words of condemnation and commitment because certain things do not happen anymore.

But then, war choices continue to be the most successful ones.

Politics has not put the repatriation of the war on agenda. Indeed, arms exports are increasing.

Military spending for 2017 in Italy is 23 billion, 40,000 euros per minute.

Victims are counting on less, and firstly they return to the interests of the companies they produce, the banks involved, the subordinate politics and a consciousness that is likely to adapt and resign.

"While the people are suffering," said Pope Francis on July 5, 2016, in the message to Caritas International, "incredible amounts of money are being spent to provide weapons to fighters, and some of the countries supplying these weapons are also among those who speak of peace. Can you believe those with your right hand caressing you and with your left hand strikes you? "

Remembering is a must, but not enough.

You can read the original text in Italian here.


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