Pax Christi International

Pax Christi International marks 70 years of pursuing peace

2 October: International Day of Nonviolence

21 September 2014: International Day of Peace

Pax Christi Member Organisations call to protect the life of all vulnerable populations in Northern Iraq

Conflict Management and Peacebuilding in the Digital Age


Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns joins petition calling for concrete US action on immigration

The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, Pax Christi Member Organisation in the US, joined a petition launched by the Annunciation House, a hospitality house in El Paso, calling on US President Barack Obama to undertake specific and concrete...

Event: The Role of Education to Further Advance the Movement on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

Beth Begley, Pax Christi International Delegate at the UN in New York, will be attending the event "Towards Vienna: The Role of Education to Further Advance the Movement on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons", taking place on...

Pax Christi UK takes part in International Week of Action against Drones 2014

As part of the International Week of Action Against Drones, members of Pax Christi UK and Friends of Sabeel UK joined with staff and students from Queen’s Theological College, Birmingham, and members of Birmingham churches in an ‘Act of...

PAX submits 'Gaza Manifesto' to Dutch House of Representatives

The Dutch Pax Christi section – PAX – has submitted a manifesto entitled “Gaza: time for real peace” to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Dutch House of Representatives. Endorsed by 3664 signatories, the document states that...

Pax Christi International Board Member Rania Murra on liberation strategy among Palestinians and the challenge of staying in Palestine

In a wide-ranging interview, Rania Murra, director of the Arab Educational Institute and member of the Pax Christi international Board, discusses liberation strategy among Palestinians, boycott of Israeli products, the need to give personal...

Statement from Palestinian Christian Leaders: Europe Must Recognize the State of Palestine

Over a hundred Church leaders, diplomats, and civil society leaders and organizations, have issued a statement conveying their conviction that “that recognizing the State of Palestine on the 1967 border is the first step towards...


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