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The Pax Christi International 70th anniversary celebrations will take place in Bethlehem, on 13-17 May 2015, under the theme:  


Pilgrims on the Path to Peace


Deadline for pre-registration: 26 January 2015.

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Pax Christi International is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015!

Holiday greetings from Palestine

Please, Be Peacemakers!

Marie Dennis - Speech delivered at the USA Ignatian Family Teach-in

Integrate Biosecurity in Global Healthcare

Statement of Pax Christi International to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Meeting of States Parties, 1-5 December 2014, Geneva


Pax Christi International endorses Global Catholic Climate Movement Statement

Pax Christi International endorsed a statement by the Global Catholic Climate Movement calling for Catholics involvement in issues of climate change and joint awareness raising actions for stronger international climate agreements. In...

Pax Christi attends roundtable on peaceful responses to the crisis in Ukraine

Pax Christi International is attending today a roundtable on Peaceful Responses to the Crisis in Ukraine, co-organised by the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), the European Foundation Center and the International Renaissance...

Political integration and affirmative legislation for minorities in Pakistan

A new policy brief on political integration and affirmative legislation for minorities in Pakistan has been issued by Peter Jacobs, Executive Secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Pakistan Catholic Bishops' Conference, member of...

Pax Christi Australia: "Disarming Times"

A new issue of “Disarming Times”, a quarterly journal of Pax Christi Australia is now available. It aims to provide Pax Christi members and interested peacemakers with peace news and views both local and international. Each edition endeavours...

Fr. Paul Lansu: "Normal life does not exist in Gaza. The world needs to come and see."

The Gaza–Israel conflict is part of the wider Israeli–Palestine conflict. The basic problems should be resolved: the Israelis continue to live in fear and insecurity, while the Palestinians continue to demand their independence and freedom, the...

H.B. Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem, on Christians in Israel and in the Middle East

The Christian presence in the Middle East is first an internal question: How Christians understand themselves and their role in their societies, and their relations with Muslims, and here, with Jews. Second, it is an external question that...


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