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Statement on Nuclear Weapons Ban Negotiations and 4 calls for a human-centered treaty

#LiveNonviolence this Lent!

In 2017, help us raise awareness around nonviolence as a force that is changing our world #ThisIsNonviolence

Sign the petition asking the EU to suspend economic relations with Israel as response to move to legalise settlements

Pax Christi International releases new statement calling for a renewed peace process for Israel and Palestine

Nonviolence in Africa: Creating a Future of Hope


USA: Pax Christi USA reacts to new travel ban from Trump administration

 Earlier this month representatives from national Catholic religious orders and advocacy organizations responded to the new executive order issued by the Trump administration. Defending Catholic values and recalling scripture passages and Pope Francis, these leaders expressed overall opposition to this new immigration executive order.

Austria: Pax Christi Austria celebrates beatification of Josef Mayr-Nusser, martyred during WWII

Pax Christi Austria attends the beatification of Josef Mayr-Nusser (1910-1945), who was condemned to death because of his resistance to national socialism...

Netherlands: PAX wants negotiators in New York to go for it on nuclear ban treaty

PAX is calling on supporters to send emails to the Dutch disarmament ambassador Henk Cor van der Kwast asking him to help create a strong accord during the upcoming UN negotiations to ban nuclear weapons...

Pax Christi Australia: New brochure includes actions on supporting a ban of nuclear weapons

Pax Christi Australia has published a new brochure on nuclear weapons...

Pax Christi International's Young Peace Journalist project is expanding

The Young Peace Journalist project has been growing. The second generation of YPJ started in March.

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