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Stop Arms Deliveries to Syria


Additional resources on the latest developments in Israel/Palestine can be found here and here.


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WWI Commemoration






21 September 2014: International Day of Peace

Pax Christi Member Organisations call to protect the life of all vulnerable populations in Northern Iraq

Pax Christi International Statement on Nuclear Disarmament | Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings commemoration

Pax Christi International calls for launch of Multidisciplinary Global Biosecurity Observatory

Conflict Management and Peacebuilding in the Digital Age

Call for Action – Stop Arms Deliveries to Syria

Pax Christi International decries escalating violence in Israel and Palestine


Pax Christi Long Island sends open letter on Gaza to members of the international community

Jacqueline Jill Rito, a member of Pax Christi Long Island, wrote an open letter to the leaders of Egypt, Israel, Palestine, US and the UN. The letter states that it is long overdue that parties involved in the Middle East conflict fully understand...

21 September 2014: International Day of Peace

Each year on 21 September, Pax Christi International Member Organisations join thousands of other organisations worldwide to mark the United Nations (UN) International Day of Peace. On this date, communities create opportunities to...

PAX joins concerned citizens and organisations in calling for a real peace in Gaza

In a statement published by the Dutch newspaper Trouw, PAX and other organisations insist that the strangling blockade of Gaza must end and the safety of citizens must be ensured. Signatories to the statement also call for a ban on the....

Pax Christi International co-signs a letter to US President Obama urging alternatives to US military action in Iraq

The letter, initiated by 53 US religious groups, academics, and ministers, calls on the US Administration to look into better, more effective, more healthy and more humanizing ways to protect civilians and and to engage this conflict. Using an...

Pax Christi member organisation in Mexico observes International Day of Indigenous Peoples

As part of the International Day of Indigenous People, celebrated every year on 9 August, the Human Rights Center Fray Bartolome de Las Casas (Frayba), in Mexico, published the pastoral letter of their founder, Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia...

Pax Christi International co-sponsors panel discussion on "Sustainability and Nuclear Weapons"

Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis is one of the speakers in the panel discussion "Sustainability and Nuclear Weapons?" taking place this afternoon at the UN Church Center in New York. Join in a crucial conversation about the...


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