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A peaceful future depends on climate justice now

During Advent and Christmas, send messages of hope and solidarity to Bethlehem

All energy should go to political negotiations for a solution in Syria

Terror will not prevail: Pax Christi International on the terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris

The continuing need to address the root causes of forced displacement


A peaceful future depends on climate justice now

Pax Christi International believes if strong and effective decisions are made in Paris, a more peaceful future is possible.

Congolese Church urges constitution to be upheld in 2016 elections

The leadership of the Congolese Catholic Church, Pax Christi Flanders and Broederlijk Delen call on the Congolese people to support compliance with the constitution in the elections in 2016. The population is encouraged to mobilise themselves...

Social organisations call for bilateral ceasefire in Colombia

Along with 130 other organisations, Pax Christi Germany signed a letter expressing concern that the Colombian government’s increased military ground offensive against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which...

Is Christianity a peacemaking religion?

On 27 November, Pax Christi Germany’s Mainz office will hold a lecture entitled “Is Christianity a peacemaking religion?” to discuss how Jesus’ message was turned into a concrete contribution to peace.

Solidarity note after tragedy in Mariana, Brazil

At a meeting in Bogota (Colombia) on 12-14 November 2015, the Churches and Mining network (of which Pax Christi International is a member) expressed its deep sympathy to victims of the broken dam.

Sinti and Roma education in Austria

On 27 November, Pax Christi Austria will co-host a lecture and discussion on the current situation of education of the Sinti and Roma people in Austria. The event will include the presentation of the results of a study by the Minorities Initiative...