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Read Pax Christi International’s latest statement on Syria here.


Support our 2014 Lenten Campaign “Encountering Peace” to express solidarity with the people of Syria and to promote a negotiated solution to the extreme crisis gripping the country.


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Pax Christi in support of conscientious objection and antimilitarism

Pax Christi International in the Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Pax Christi International Peace Award 2014

Pax Christi International on the Crisis in Ukraine

Encountering Peace: In Solidarity with Syria

Building peace by embracing diversity


PAX supports open letter to African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

PAX Netherlands supported 13 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in South Sudan, which have sent an open letter to the members of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR). The South Sudanese CSOs call on the ACHPR...

Pax Christi International mourns the killing of Fr. Frans Van der Lugt SJ

Pax Christi International has learned about the very sad news of the kidnapping and killing of Fr. Frans van der Lugt SJ in Syria. The Dutch Jesuit Frans van der Lugt was killed on Monday morning of 7 April 2014 in the Syrian city of Homs...

Transnational mining and human rights violations in Latin America

Martha Inés Romero, Pax Christi Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, will be following a course entitled "Denouncing mechanisms - How to denounce transnational mining entities for human rights violations and...

Pax Christi USA publishes a book of Lenten reflections

Every year Pax Christi USA publishes a book of reflections for each Lenten day. This year’s booklet is entitled ‘Embracing Possibilities: Reflections for Lent 2014’, and is co-written by Kathy Schmitt, Fr. Chris Ponnet, and Pax Christi USA Ambassador...

International Forum on Human Rights "De la Memoria a la Esperanza"

On 17-19 March, Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas (Frayba), Pax Christi Member Organisation in Mexico, organised an International Forum on Human Rights "De la Memoria a la Esperanza". The event marked the 25th...

PAX supports the plea for strong EU regulation on conflict resources

PAX Netherlands has joined a group of over 60 European NGOs calling for binding EU rules ensuring that European businesses do not contribute to conflict financing or human rights abuses in the production and trade in natural resources. A strong...


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