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Pax Christi International celebrates with gratitude the memory of Bishop Martyr Oscar Romero from El Salvador

Pax Christi International in favour of recognition of the state of Palestine and a ban on settlements

Pax Christi International Peace Award 2015

Women, Peace and Security Collective for Reflection and Action (Colombia)

Call to Faith-based Organisations: Disarmament for Sustainable Development - Global Day and Campaign on Military Spending

13 March 1945 – 13 March 2015: 70 Years for Peace and Reconciliation


Pax Christi International attends “On the Way to a European ‘Kirchentag’: Strengthening the cooperation of Christian lay movements in Europe”

Fr. Paul Lansu will represent Pax Christi International at the conference “On the Way to a European ‘Kirchentag’: Strengthening the cooperation of Christian lay movements in Europe”, taking place on 1-3 June in Bad Boll, Germany. The...

Pope Francis endorses Catholic Climate Petition

Pope Francis endorsed the Catholic Climate Petition, an initiative of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, aimed at collecting signatures from Catholics all over the world to raise a strong voice demanding bold climate action. The petition...

Pax Christi UK marks International Conscientious Objectors’ Day

About 150 people – including visitors from New Zealand and Australia – gathered by the Conscientious Objectors’ stone in Tavistock Square, London, on 15 May, to mark the International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, in a commemoration...

Pax Christi International endorses statement of support for the work of PAX in Colombia

The International Secretariat of Pax Christi endorsed a statement of support for the legitimate work of PAX – member organisation in the Netherlands – and other NGOs, human rights defenders and victims’ organisations in the coal-mining region...

Belgian Bishops Conference issues statement on nuclear disarmament

In a statement issued at the end of the 9th NPT Review Conference, the Belgian Bishops Conference calls upon the Belgian Government to reinforce its non-proliferation commitments with concrete action. Reiterating support for Pope...

Pax Christi Flanders on overcoming the nuclear impasse

In an opinion piece for the Flemish Mondial Niews, Annemarie Gielen, Secretary General of Pax Christi Flanders, deplores the result of the 9th NPT Review Conference which secured no commitment for further nuclear disarmament, and...