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The Pax Christi International 70th anniversary celebrations will take place in Bethlehem, on 13-17 May 2015, under the theme:  


Pilgrims on the Path to Peace


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Pax Christi International in favour of recognition of the state of Palestine and a ban on settlements

Pax Christi International Peace Award 2015

Women, Peace and Security Collective for Reflection and Action (Colombia)

Easter Greetings from Pax Christi International

Call to Faith-based Organisations: Disarmament for Sustainable Development - Global Day and Campaign on Military Spending

13 March 1945 – 13 March 2015: 70 Years for Peace and Reconciliation


Pilgrims on the Path to Peace: the Pax Christi 70th anniversary celebrations continue in Bethlehem

The second day of the Pax Christi 70th anniversary programme continued on 14 May with a series of pilgrimages – or walking paths – that enabled participants to reflect on the challenges to peace going from the local to the global, from the...

Pax Christi International’s 70th anniversary celebrations begin in Bethlehem

Bethlehem, 13 May 2015 – The Pax Christi International 70th anniversary celebrations “Pilgrims on the Path to Peace” started tonight in Bethlehem, Palestine, in the presence of more than 150 delegates from 30 countries...

Comissão Pastoral da Terra documents 30 years of land conflicts in Brazil

Brazilian Pax Christi member organisation Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT) issued the 30th edition of its annual “Conflicts in Brazil” Report, providing data about human rights violations suffered by peasants, indigenous, maroon and other...

Pax Christi Australia attends debate on "Gallipoli and Anzac after 100 Years"

On 22 April, Pax Christi Australia attended a debate entitled “Gallipoli and Anzac after 100 Years: Lessons and the Prospects for Peace Today”. Key issues discussed included the commercialization of Anzac Day, as well as the way in which...

Pax Christi-Miriam College on the peace process in Mindanao

Over the past month, Pax Christi-Miriam College members participated in public actions urging a ceasefire as well as support for the continuation of the peace process in Mindanao. Members of Pax Christi in the Philippines were also present...

EurAc against a 3rd mandate of President Nkurunziza in Burundi

The European Network for Central Africa (EurAc) calls on the European Union to strongly oppose the candidacy of incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza in the presidential elections of 26 June 2015. This candidacy is considered to be against...