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The Pax Christi International 70th anniversary celebrations will take place in Bethlehem, on 13-17 May 2015, under the theme:  


Pilgrims on the Path to Peace


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Easter Greetings from Pax Christi International

Call to Faith-based Organisations: Disarmament for Sustainable Development - Global Day and Campaign on Military Spending

13 March 1945 – 13 March 2015: 70 Years for Peace and Reconciliation

Pax Christi International on the violent conflict in Syria: ending the war and saving lives must be top priority

Pax Christi International - Peace Award 2015

Women, Peace and Security Collective for Reflection and Action (Colombia)


European Groups Support Global Campaign on Military Spending

Statement on the Global Day Against Military Spending (GDAMS), 13 April 2015, part of the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS). The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of military spending and alternatives. Across the EU...

World Military Expenditure 2014 - Military investment is still a significant global problem

On this Global Day of Action on Military Spending, 13 April 2015, Pax Christi International expresses deep concern about the scandal of excessive military spending in a world where human and ecological well-being are in dire need...

Pax Christi International to attend "Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Compass" debate

On 9 April, Pax Christi International’s representative at the UN in New York, Beth Begley, is attending a debate entitled "Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Compass" co-hosted by the Permanent Representative Observer Mission of the Holy See...

REDEPAZ to mark Colombian National Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with Victims of Armed Conflict

Colombian Pax Christi Member Organisation REDEPAZ​ - Red Nacional de Iniciativas Ciudadanas por la Paz will join a mobilisation action for peace, on 9 April, in Bogotá, to mark the "National Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with Victims"...

Easter Greetings from Pax Christi International

At the beginning of this Easter Season, we pray with Pope Francis: "From the risen Lord we ask the grace not to succumb to the pride which fuels violence and war, but to have the humble courage of pardon and peace… May all who today are...

Religious leaders urge a ban on fully autonomous weapons

PAX Netherlands, Pax Christi International and the World Council of Churches ask national and local religious leaders to take a stand against fully autonomous weapons by signing an interfaith declaration that calls for “a comprehensive...