Pax Christi International

Pax Christi International marks 70 years of pursuing peace

2 October: International Day of Nonviolence

21 September 2014: International Day of Peace

Pax Christi Member Organisations call to protect the life of all vulnerable populations in Northern Iraq

Conflict Management and Peacebuilding in the Digital Age


Statement from Palestinian Christian Leaders: Europe Must Recognize the State of Palestine

Over a hundred Church leaders, diplomats, and civil society leaders and organizations, have issued a statement conveying their conviction that “that recognizing the State of Palestine on the 1967 border is the first step towards...

Pax Christi Member Organisation in Guatemala issues report on violence and human rights infringements in the country

Grupo de Ayuda Mutua (GAM), Pax Christi Member Organisation in Guatemala, published a monitoring report on violence and the situation of human rights in Guatemala from January to August 2014. GAM data shows the decrease by 5%...

Pax Christi Event: Iraqi minorities - rights and protection

PAX in cooperation with Pax Christi International will organise a side event on the protection of minorities in Iraq, on 9 October, in Geneva, following the Universal Periodic Review Working Group pre-session on Iraq. Iraqi civil society activists...

Pax Christi USA signs onto letter concerning moral responsibility to protect Syrian citizens from drone strikes

Pax Christi USA has signed onto a letter urging the Obama Administration to put back on the agenda the stated policy of making every effort to protect civilian lives in the course of drone strikes in Syria and Iraq. Signatories to this letter believe...

Pax Christi UK holds vigil of prayer and fasting for all victims of war and violence in the world today

On 2 October, Pax Christi UK held vigil outside Downing Street in London to pray and fast for peace in the Middle East. Pax Christi UK members undertook the fast to offer prayerful encouragement to the many peace talks and negotiations that...

Pax Christi Flanders letter to Belgian Government highlights concerns over armed violence and WMD threats

On 3 October, Pax Christi Flanders sent a letter to the Belgian Government requesting the latter to address specific concerns related to prevention and reduction of armed violence, including threats from weapons of mass destruction...


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