Pax Christi International

Engage Citizens in Biosecurity

Statement of Pax Christi International to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Meeting of Experts, 10-14 August 2015, Geneva

Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Japanese cities devastated by the deadliest of weapons 70 years ago

Pax Christi International: New perspectives and hope with Iranian agreement

Pax Christi International celebrates with gratitude the memory of Bishop Martyr Oscar Romero from El Salvador

Pax Christi International in favour of recognition of the state of Palestine and a ban on settlements


Pax Christi International joins public statement in support of SIPAZ - Servicio Internacional para la Paz

Pax Christi International has joined a public statement demanding integrity and security of SIPAZ (Servicio Internacional para la Paz, Chiapas, México) staff members who have been subject to threat, harassment and robbery, and had their offices...

Pax Christi International joins call to world leaders to lift Gaza blockade

More than 150,000 people from around the globe have today joined 35 aid, faith, development and human rights organisations in backing an unprecedented joint call urging world leaders to press the Israeli government to lift the blockade...

Faith in Action for the Iran Deal – A Conference Call with Faith Leaders

This Thursday, 27 August, you’re invited to join faith leaders for a conference call on the Iran nuclear deal, "Faith in Action for the Iran Deal: A Conference Call with Faith Leaders." Panelists include Pax Christi Co-President Marie Dennis...

Missionary Society of St. Columban launches petition in solidarity with the People of Okinawa, Japan

The Missionary Society of St. Columban, religious congregation member of Pax Christi, is among the initiators of a civil society petition in solidarity with the People of Okinawa Japan as they prepare to celebrate the Inter-Island Solidarity...

US-based Pax Christi members call on the US Congress to support Iran nuclear deal

Pax Christi USA and the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns call on the US Congress to support the entry into force of the recently concluded agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme – seen as a critical step toward nuclear non-proliferation...

Pax Christi member organisation in India to hold ‘Ecological Justice’ Sunday

The CBCI Office for Justice, Peace and Development, Pax Christi member organisation in India, has chosen ‘Ecological Justice’ as the theme of its Justice Sunday to be observed on 16 August. Reiterating Popo Francis’ Laudatio Si’...